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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Parametric Analysis of Solar Polysilicon Refining Industry in India



The polysilicon industry has the potential to make India a major manufacturing hub for solar photo voltaic cells industry. The Indian polysilicon industry, critical to the manufacturing of solar PV cells, is taking shape, fueled by the booming solar PV market. The domestic demand of polysilicon is expected to be 250,000 metric tonnes upto the year 2050, taking into account the JNNSM and the state-level programmes. A coordinated development of solar polysilicon refining industry in India is required. A parametric analysis of polysilicon refining industry has been done in this paper. The opportunities, issues and possible solution analysis for the development of polysilicon industry and its refining process for the India has been done. This paper may be helpful to policy makers, investors and solar photo voltaic industry as a whole.

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