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Perception of Effectiveness and Limitations of Employee Voice: A Case of Habib Bank Limited Pakistan



The recent research have extreme tendency towards effectiveness of employee voice which resulted improved work force satisfaction and commitment level. This study taking workforce at Habib Bank Ltd, which is one of the leading financial institutions of Pakistan. This study implements attitude survey by using closed ended questionnaire to detect effectiveness of employee voice in light of current existing studies and previous exploratory approaches towards the notion. This study proved the theory that maximum number of employee had hold moderate and less knowledge about the role of employee voice and its effectiveness. The aim of employee voice detected out mostly among the younger employee at target institution. Those employees in the bank have had opportunities of voice, the management offered attention to them which emphasis on the perception of effectiveness and limitations of employee voice in Habib bank limited of Pakistan and which ultimately provide a great effect on the employee satisfaction and commitment levels. The study turnout the existing relationship among tenure of employees and management response and perception of effectiveness of employee voice, as seen from study that the effectiveness of employee voice is become subject to time and management factors, its relationship to satisfaction and commitment is very important in the current study.

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