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Effects of organizational change on cultural value shifts redefining organizational culture through corporate change models



Corporate organizations represent the economic foundation of contemporary societies; they have great importance in the development and maintenance of countries that have a low or medium economic status to a sustainable level. The dependence of the Eastern European societies on Western corporations is becoming more and more visible due to the importance they have in the creation of new jobs and because of the economic growth they can guarantee. Organizations are steadily growing, creating new ways to optimize processes, increase satisfaction and improve procedures. Any development process is employed in the field of organizational change; but change does not only relate to development but also to culture shifts regarding smaller companies which are affiliated as corporate branches. This paper tries to encompass the effects that a takeover of a local company by a corporation may have on the way company values are perceived by employees, on the formation of a new organizational climate and generally on the way that work related interactions are developed within the organizational environment. Culture shifts may imply changes in the mission, vision and values of a company and in the way there are perceived by employees. Large organizations usually have specific processes of value alignment and organizational culture calibration that envision future order within corporate branches.

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