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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Women engineering students’ included engineering education in Korea



In this study we conducted a factor analysis on the patterns and reasons of women engineering students’ dropout phenomena through interviews and questionnaires carried out on the women students majoring in engineering at P University. The analytical results of the questionnaires indicate that a broad socio-cultural factor, the industry’s negative gender cognition and the male-dominant atmosphere of the college of engineering are the three major factors that influence the women engineering students’ decisions to drop out. In addition, the women engineering students’ physical strength and machine-tool maneuvering ability that are by and large inferior to male engineering students, have greater influence than their academic competence or age. Parents’ moral support also plays an influential role. Another important factor is the lack of gender cognitive lectures and gender cognitive job hunting projects for women students. It is recommended that the findings of this study be considered as basic materials in developing a gender cognitive engineering curriculum for women students that befits the environment of the college of engineering.

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