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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Vertical gender differences in Greek Economics Departments Does research productivity matters?



This study investigates possible vertical gender differences in the academic hierarchy related to the research performance and academic life of faculty members in the Economics departments of Greek Universities. The statistical analysis carried out confirms the existence of significant gender differences facing women in the academic hierarchy, with a relative overrepresentation of female faculty members in the two lower—non-tenured—academic ranks. This overrepresentation coincides with a longer academic life than that of men, suggesting a greater delay in their hierarchical advancement. Differences in research productivity and the quality of their research work cannot explain, statistically, this delay. The finding contradicts the outcomes of similar studies that deal with gender differences in research productivity, which have mainly been carried out in the Anglo-Saxon world. In addition, logistic regression analysis shows that research performance facilitates men’s academic promotion to a higher rank, but not women’s.

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