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The Importance Of The Leadership From The Point Of Military A Case Of Turkish Air Force Academy



Leadership is one of the most important effects on the success of the institutions as well as in terms of the military service profession. Leaders have had vital tasks and roles in the advancement of their communities and they had their communities in front of their competitions. Humankind has always needed a good leader from the wars in which people used primitive weapons till the wars having been occurred recent years with superior technology weapons. In the field of military, winning the wars and ensuring the unity and solidarity are just possible in the management of people who are able to act like an impressive leader. This necessity has become more important as modern wars have been occurred recent years. Turkish Air Force Academy, an institution which aims to train pilot candidate officers for the Turkish Air Force, gives a great importance to leadership training. This study is based on the contributions of the leadership on the military service profession, as a sample, Turkish Air Force Academy which trains a lot of commanders for the Turkish Air Force, and its leadership applications are studied here.

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