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Historical Significance of the Yapahuwa, a historical site of Ancient Sri Lanka



Yapahuwa is one among the most significance historical sites in ancient Sri Lanka. It is an isolated mountain which is located in the North-Western part of the country. It was the capital city of Yapahuwa kingdom in early 13th century. Among all the ancient ruins in the country, Yapahuwa Rock Fortress Complex can be considered as most important site in several arenas. Number of exceptional event in the Sri Lankan history has been taken place centering this single site. Because of this, Yapahuwa is not only a historically and archaeologically but also a sociologically important place in the Sri Lankan history. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the historical significance of Yapahuwa. In this endeavor, both primary and secondary sources were utilized in order to collect relevant facts and information. In interpreting data, both literary and archaeological sources were used. As archaeological evidence reveals this place was a Buddhist monastery from about 3 BC to 6 AD. After that the information about this place discloses only in 13th century that is as a security center. For a short period of time in medieval period, it was remained as a kingdom. The remains of the surrounding and the top of the rock upheld that this site has had a large Buddhist monastery. Because of this it can be conclude that Yapahuwa is a very important place in the perspectives of Buddhism. Further, as evidences reveal, Yapahuwa had become a center of developing the political, economic and cultural orders of ancient Sri Lanka.

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