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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

A pre- and post-2003 survey of road infrastructure development and people in Danang, Vietnam



This study showed the transformation of urban landscape and people’ socioeconomic conditions after the development of Nguyen Tat Thanh Road in Danang, Vietnam. The road was newly developed along the coastal lines of Danang Bay in 2003, linking downtown Danang with the western part of the city. To better know the relationship between new road and urban change in developing countries, we conducted in-depth interviews of 400 property owners living in one of the following sites: 1) an area directly abutting on the new road, 2) an area abutting on an existing road but is away from the new road, and 3) an area inside an urban block which is disconnected from all types of vehicular roads. The results reported that road development took place along with a sizable number of urban changes over time, including housing types, building densities and uses, income level and the type of occupation. The changes were stronger in the area abutting the new road—where relatively well-off migrants settled down and capitalized on land rents by accommodating a variety of retail uses—compared to other areas away from the road. However, the area inside the block also experienced small-scaled, parcel-level adaptive reuse of the built environment by the original residents who maintained the livable environment of the residential neighborhood.

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