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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Service quality and user satisfaction in academic libraries: perspectives from Sri Lankan universities.

Author(s) : I.M. NAWARATHNE


The aim of this study was to consider the quality of academic library services from the customers’ point of view in Sri Lankan academic libraries. Primary objective of academic library is user satisfaction and it is scaffolding with formal higher studies. Satisfaction is the consumer’s good judgment about pleasure versus displeasure. In every academic year, new students enter the university with various educational needs and expectations under the vivid disciplines. Students are oriented to familiar with library resources. As a new technological development, researchers are made well equipped with the new innovative systems for accessing quality information in a fast manner. These innovative systems present challenges not only for librarians but also for students. Such new influx systems must be identified earlier and the library should train its users to adapt such newly implemented environment. User satisfaction is an important part of service quality measurement method in academic libraries. While applying service quality measurement method, feedback from users can be assessed and the available services can be improved. Special characteristics were identified during process of survey for service quality. It has decreased the standard of significant services necessarily available in libraries. In this analysis, all those necessary services that are vital for obtaining day to day fresh information and have been deteriorated in university libraries were found out. It was also identified that the mean median and mode scores of services/facilities such as ventilation in the library, relevant text books on various subjects, the range of printed journals, the range of e-journals, number of subscribed databases, number of service hours and printing facilities were considerably low.

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