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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

A Comparative Study about the Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Job Satisfaction between Nonmanagerial Thai and Vietnamese Employees in the Private Business Sector



This study investigated the impact of cultural dimensions (included power distance, uncertainty avoidance, collectivism/ individualism, masculinity/femininity, long term orientation and indulgence/restraint) on job satisfaction among non-managerial Thai and Vietnamese employees. They are currently working in the private company. Half of 230 questionnaires were distributed by hand and the remains online in the three biggest cities (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Danang) in Vietnam. The similar was applied to Bangkokian in the Metropolitan. Multiple linear regressions (MLR), independent sample T test, and ANOVA were applied for inferential data analysis. As a result, there is a significant relationships between cultural dimensions and job satisfaction (intrinsic/extrinsic) both Vietnamese and Thai. Strong cultural dimensions of Vietnamese had been explained job satisfaction better than of Thai through the gap of R square for only 0.08. Such small gap number had also reflected through educational level among Vietnamese and Thai. Foreign investors should have in-depth understanding and complied with Vietnamese more than Thai culture.

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