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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Journey of a Human Trafficking Victim



Human trafficking is one of the concerned issues in today’s world. More than 2 million victims were trapped in this criminal activity around the world. Victims were abused and exploited from the beginning of the intake process until they escaped from the trafficking situation. The objectives of this study were to analyze the journey, which include the detail processes experienced by the victims of human trafficking. This qualitative research involved nine (9) victims, which were currently being detained at the Consulate General Office of Republic Indonesia, Penang, Malaysia. Data was collected using in-depth interviews, observation and other relevant documentations. Study findings have identified the various processes or the “journey” for which the victims were initially being trafficked, the mode of exploitation activities and the phases of psychosocial challenges experienced by the victims. Victims were trafficked through various ways including voluntarily, through persuasion, debt bondage and being deceived. Whereas some of the psychosocial dynamics experienced by the victims include exploitation, violence, and being abused, which have also lead to negative impacts both socially and psychologically. The paper will further discuss and recommend strategies in dealing with human trafficking activities.

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