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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Economic Inequality and Revolutions: A Survey of Socio-Economic Factors of the Arab Spring: Case of the Tunisian Revolution



The pro democracy revolution starting from Tunisia has swept many regional regimes since 2011. Because of the uprising, the status quo of political and economic structure of these states has been broken. In this study, the variables that fostered revolt in Tunisia are under the focal lens. Semi-structured interviews and content analysis have been adopted as tools to achieve the research objectives. Through analysis, it is found that though Tunisia has enjoyed good GDP and economic return over the years, yet the wealth remained in the hands of few and most of the people are left to face abject poverty and deprivation. Unemployment, corruption, human right violations and constrains on civil liberties have forced the people to rise against regime. Moreover information technology has played the role of facilitator, which was used by protestors to organize against government

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