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Factors affecting payment of income Taxes by artisanal firms in kumasi



Payment of Income taxes has been extensively studied in Ghana since 1960. It has been analysed and evaluated by academicians, professionals, and governments. The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax. Nevertheless it is vital that income tax is understood as it forms a critical element of how a government affects the lives of its citizens. The primary objective for this study was to find out factors affecting artisanal firms in the payment of income taxes. The other objectives were to identify peculiar challenges faced by Garage Owners, Kumasi, towards income tax payment. To identify ways of bridging challenges faced by both Ghana Revenue Authority (Domestic Division) and the informal sector taxpayer to inculcate culture of tax compliance. The research design employed in the study was purely qualitative, descriptive, exploratory and quantitative. The major research instrument used was structured questionnaire and interviews. The data gathered were analysed with the use of excel and SPSS. The study identifies the difficulties faced by the GRA in taxing the artisanal firm owners. It was recommended that the Ghana Revenue Authority, Domestic Division (GRA) should adopt intensive education and training for artisanal firm owners. GRA should provide personnel assistance for the artisanal firm owners in their preparation and submission of returns and provision of logistics to enable GRA to provide efficient and effective services to the various taxpayers.

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