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International Journal of Business and Management Study

The Nonlinear Differential Dynamics of Interdependent Branches of Industry



Nonlinear differential dynamic model of the relation between the branches of production was proposed. Mathematically, this model is expressed as a system of first-order ODE. Dynamic variables of the model – the value of the output of each branch of production. Each differential equation of the system includes independent growth and diminution of finished goods; growth and decline of production related to the production of allied industries. Two models were proposed: a model with Malthusian products growth (model with no restrictions on the amount of product), the model with the Verhulst limiting of the growth of output. The equilibrium points of dynamical systems, system stability were determined as well as the qualitative analysis of dynamic systems was made.

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Page(s) : 113 - 117
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Volume 2 : Issue 2
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