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Ways To Strengthen Organizational Commitment: Application Of Organizational Justice Theory (In Case Of Mongolian Higher Education Institutes)



This study examines the impact of organizational justice perception in the employees’ job satisfaction and commitment in the Mongolian higher education institutes. The impact of organizational justice on three dimensions of commitment and overall work-based satisfaction was assessed. Sample for the present study consisted of 360 faculty members working in public universities of Mongolia. Questionnaire was used as data collection instrument, SPSS 20.0 software was used to analyze data. Overall organizational justice had weak relation to affective commitment whereas distributive, procedural justice was significantly related to normative commitment. Also both distributive and procedural justice were found to be significantly related to job satisfaction. Follow-up in-depth interviews with university lecturers and employees revealed that there is no strong affective commitment exists among them, due to excessive negative organizational politics, lack of integration in meritbased rewarding system to career advancement.

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