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International Journal of Business and Management Study

Investigation of the Managerial Problems Encountered by School Administrators in the Context of ISLLC Standards (Elazig Sample)



The aim of the study is to reveal the managerial problems encountered by school administrators in their own school in the context of ISLLC standards. Data was collected by interview technique. Participants consisted of 27 school administrators. Based on the data obtained from the study, the most of school administrators are faced with administrative problems in the context of the ISLLC standards. The mostly cited encountered managerial problems are the lack of resources; lack of human relations and communication; teachers’ commitment and parents’ profile; teachers’ inefficient or wrong use of resources; discrimination; and pressures sourced by internal and external environment. In this research, in order to solve the problems experienced by school administrators, importance should be given to their training process. It was concluded that to cope with these managerial problems indicated by school administrators, the training programs need to be organized by using effective methods.

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