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A Comparative Study To Locate The Difference Between Time Trial And Pursuit Running



Running on the track requires power, strength, stamina, valor, confidence, sprit and heroism. Track events are charming and attractive. Sprint running ability and training related to it has gone through numerous experimentations. There are several methods related to development of sprinting ability of athletes like downhill running, running with weight jackets, various types of start sprint like standing, crouch and flying. There are also several training methods for enhancement of speed endurance of athletes. Based on knowledge and understanding gathered from practical experiences and sharing of ideas and views with the experts the author with his intuition strived to work out on the concept of pursuit running and its difference with time trial running related to track & field performance and training. In his study the investigator randomly selected 24 students within the age group 24-27 years from the M.P.Ed. Part I and Part II of Department of Physical Education University of Kalyani as the subjects. He conducted separately time trial running and pursuit running and recorded the timings. According to data analysis it appears that the athlete’s performance

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