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Influences Analysis Internal, Marketing,Interactive Marketing and External Marketing Toward Service-Profit-Chain. (Case Study on Beauty Clinic in Jakarta, Indonesia)



This study examines three aspects, namely the Internal Marketing, Interactive Marketing and External Marketing Toward Service-Profit-Chain. The population of this study is customer aesthetic beauty clinic, with a sample of 75 respondents. The data used is primary data, processing with program SPSS 20.0, as well as testing the questionnaire through the stages of test reliability and validity. Hypothesis testing using multiple linear regression with the classical assumption; normality test, Heteroskedasitas, Multicolinearity, and autocorrelation test. Of the t test (partially) and F test (simultaneously) received the results of both hypotheses. Therefore, it is suggested that companies in the service implements three types of marketing services, including interactive marketing, internal marketing and external marketing, in order to be successful marketing strategy, and has a loyal customer who is willing to promote their products through word of mouth, generating huge profits, and sustainable .

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