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Changing Global and Cultural Differences with Real World Applications and Strategies

Author(s) : BOB BARRETT, JR.


While many educational institutions have been focused on their specific curricular goals and objectives, sometimes the learners miss out on potential learning experiences. Also, educators may equally lose potential teaching opportunities or not achieve true “quality teaching moments” due to curriculum and administrative constrains. The purpose of this paper is to focus on how certain global studies can be used as a foundation to help layout groundwork for educators to not only help to change global and cultural differences, but also enable them to plan and create new “real world” applications in which to engage today’s adult learners, as well as develop better teaching strategies. Perhaps educators today need to follow the distinct direction given by Hedberg (1981) and “unlearn” certain teaching methodologies and try to “reinvent” their own teaching methodologies in created specific teaching strategies to help engage, motivate, and inspire more adult learners today than ever before. While instructors may be following the curriculum diligently, are they really help their students to achieve all possible objectives and goals? In particular, one needs to remember was Maslow (1980) wrote about the need for adults to see value in their learning and why they come to the learning environment with specific learning goals and objectives. Therefore, this paper will focus on how online learning instructors have been adapting using technology to help engage more adult learners, as well as motivate and inspire them to understand more about global, as well as cultural, differences in the context of real world application assignments. Thus, this paper will provide a foundational plan on how global studies curriculum work can be enhanced with not only technology, but also how educators can update their skills sets to help utilize newer technology and to use it yet another skills sets in their teaching acumen.

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