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Economic Inequality and Revolutions: Exploring Unattended Economic and Non– economic factors of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution



Revolution becomes inevitable when the reining system fails to achieve the minimum level of social and economic development for the population of a nation. This is what happened in the case of Egypt when masses rose up and revolted against the regime of Mubarak in 2011. This research aims at finding out the economic and non-economic causes that prompted that revolution. For this, data were obtained through scrutinizing available formal literature as well as interviews using snowballing approach. It has been observed that the main causes behind the Egyptian revolt were the absence of social and economic justice and the lack of political freedom. Poverty, unemployment, food crises, income disparity and other factors are some of the economic causes that may lead people to mutiny and revolution. Technology and lack of democratic values are among some non-economic factors that motivate the people to revolt.

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