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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

High Productivity of Submerged Arc Welding Achieved with Multiple-Wire Technology



The paper addresses a comparative analysis between theoretical and experimental results of the deposition rates, achieved by Submerged Arc Welding, when single and multiple wires technologies are applied. Two welding variants have been investigated in the research program, one power source welding on the one hand and two power sources welding (Tandem technique) on the other hand. Classical welding current power sources - i.e. standard DC and rectangular waveform AC - and also the most recent inverter power source, which allows waveform modulating, were selected and used in the experimental program. Comparing the deposition rates achieved in the case of using two conventional power sources systems (Tandem Single + Single wire welding) with values achieved in the case of multiple-wire welding technique (even if a traditional welding system with only one single power source is used), a higher productivity of the welding process has been noticed when multiple-wire technology is applied. Finally, by combination of multiple power sources systems with multiple-wire welding technique, impressive results of the deposition rates values can be obtained. Process limits and experimental data were graphically processed and presented on the same charts to be comparatively discussed and analyzed. Based on the investigations results, relevant conclusions are highlighted at the paper’s end.

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