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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Power Quality Improvement using DSTATCOM for Small Isolated Alternator feeding Distribution System



This paper demonstrates a perfect controlled DSTATCOM model with a small isolated distribution system to improve power quality of the system in which a linear/nonlinear three-phase load is fed by a small alternator. A hysteresis rule based carrier-less PWM current controller is used to control the DSTATCOM. Three leg IGBT based PWM-VSI is used as VSC with a capacitor in its parallel working as DSTATCOM. Two PI controllers are used. Any dip in voltages due to sudden load change/dynamic conditions of the system is improved by this DSTATCOM model presented in this paper. Voltage regulation, power factor correction and load balancing is obtained in this system. The work has been carried out in MATLAB environment using Simulink and Simpowersystem toolboxes. The proposed DSTATCOM model is very effective to enhance the power quality of an isolated distribution system feeding power to crucial equipments in remote areas.

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