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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Design of a cheap and simple solar car air conditoner



This paper deals with a novel way to design a compact and portable air conditioner powered by the Solar PV module, without need of any fuel consumption and harmful refrigerant gases. The air conditioner is mainly designed keeping in mind, of using it in the cars replacing the conventional version of running the compressor by coupling it with the fuel driven car engine, thus preventing fuel consumption and producing green energy. The main feature of this model is its portability and energy efficient way of charging, thus saving the fuel that requires for a conventional car A.C. The following paper also deals an innovative method to design the controller circuit and the ice box where the dry ice is kept and used as refrigerant of the system. It is also found that the overall complexity of the car air conditioner till date is largely reduced in this model. This paper gives a comparative study of the energy efficiency in the present day car A.C. system driven by fuel and the model we designed.

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