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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Automated Monitoring of Bottle Filling Process Using LabVIEW



This paper aims at designing an automated system to monitor the bottle filling process in a beverage industry. The objectives of the proposed work are to (i) check whether the reused bottle is free from impurities before it is filled with beverage, (ii) check whether the bottle is filled with proper quantity of beverage. The proposed work is achieved using image processing techniques utilizing the LabVIEW platform without disturbing the high speed production line. The images of bottle are captured using a high frame rate smart camera which is transferred to PC for processing through RS232 port. LabVIEW is programmed to acquire the data and apply image processing algorithms and initiate necessary action like displaying the status of the bottle in the production line, diversion of bottle from the production line if it doesn’t satisfy the standards. All these activities need to be performed without disturbing the speed of the production line.

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