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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Advanced Optimized Cooling System for Air-cooled and Coolant-cooled IC Engines using Fuzzy Logic



Now a days it is very important to increase the efficiency of Internal Combustion (IC) engines due to many factors such as fuel economy, fuel crisis and ultimately to increase the output. This paper proposes an effective cooling system in IC engine. During the process of combustion a large portion of heat is transferred to various engine components and the engine may be damaged unless the excess heat is carried away and these parts are adequately cooled. Adequate cooling is then a fundamental problem associated with internal combustion engines. In the present paper, efforts have been made to highlight the concept of an intelligent cooling system. The intelligent cooling concept is proposed to overcome the shortcomings arising when applying conventional cooling methods. The basic principle behind this is to control the flow rate of coolant and speed of thermo fan by regulating the valve controlled using fuzzy PID logic. The design was modeled and simulated using the MATLAB/Simulink platform. The intelligent cooling system i.e. implementation of fuzzy-PID logic will overcome the drawbacks associated in the present technique.

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