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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Analysis Of Dc Solar Water Pump and Generalized Photovoltaic Model Using Matlab/Simulink



This paper presents the implementation of a simple but efficient photovoltaic water Pumping system by generalized photovoltaic model using Matlab/Simulink software package, which can be representative of PV cell, module, and array for easy use on simulation platform. It provides theoretical studies of photovoltaics and modeling techniques using equivalent electric circuits. The system employs the maximum power point tracker (MPPT).In this paper, a PV-powered water pump using Permanent Magnet DC Motor (PMDC) is taken into account. The modeling of PV cell, Boost converter and PMDC motor has been studied and developed. The overall PMDC pumping system fed by solar cell is simulated and its results are obtained.

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