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International Journal of Advancements in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Bone Porosity Modeling and FE Simulation



Porosity in bone has many functions, which are decreasing the mass of bone relative to its volume, allow fluid to transfer through bones and give some ductility to the bone material. So that, the artificial bone should include porosity to imitate bone structure. To achieve the porosity functions on artificial bone many requirement should be consider such as material property and structure requirements. Researchers had modeled porosity by either regular or irregular shaped. Irregular shape has been modeled by copying several layers from natural pone CT scan images. Regular porous shape could be design by deferent shapes that confirm the porosity function requirement. The aim of this paper is to propose model that satisfy the function of porosity in real bone and attain the requirement on material and structure.

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Volume 2 : Issue 1
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