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Android Based Patient Health Monitoring and Abnormalities Detection using Mobile Network



Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, peripheral oxygen saturation (SPO2) and blood pressure are among the most used physiological signals in patient monitoring. A portable medical terminal monitor all these signals and connect the user with the medical center which is an unparalleled convenient way for patients and doctors to save lives. In this paper, Android based medical terminal is developed. This medical terminal not only has the feature of monitoring of several physiological signals and constant detection of eventual abnormalities, but also has the ability to send recorded data to the cloud server for further processing and storage. Furthermore, if any abnormality is detected then it will store data are uploaded to the cloud server. Those data are sent with the patient location obtained by GPS. Moreover, doctor at the medical center can request the terminal to upload data if needed and send some reminds as well as suggestions. The performance of the developed software in heartbeats detection is more than 99%. The sensibility of abnormal beat detection is 85.9% and 100% for abnormal SPO2 and blood pressure, all competitive for a low computing capacity mobile phone. This paper highlights the features of the developed terminal, to combine multiple physiological signals, real-time abnormalities detection, networking and its portability.

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