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A New Adaptive Throughput Policing and Shaping Algorithm on Campus IP-based Network



this paper presents the development of a new scheme called Adaptive Throughput Policing and Shaping (ATPS) algorithm to control internet inbound throughput and burst flow in a Campus IP-based network. Real live throughput collected from a Campus Network with Committed Access Rate (CAR) of 16 Mbps bandwidth speed are simulated and analyzed. New mathematical model with identified parameters on ATPS is derived. Adaptive throughput policies with burst shaping are simulated using Token Bucket theory control mechanism with 16 Mbps threshold policy. Three main adaptive policy conditions called P1, P2 and P3 which is controlled on 110%, 100% and 50% threshold rate are defined as filtered condition. Burst throughputs are shaped into next free bucket capacity for the next flow time. The throughputs are continuously shaped if the next bucket is full until free buckets are available. This new ATPS algorithm is numerically evaluated and analyzed on traffic performance which controlled the bandwidth and burst throughput. Performance results present reduced bucket capacity, reduced bandwidth rate in throughput transfer, no burst throughput and no byte loss in conforming traffic transferred in a network compared to previous implemented ATP algorithm, which held burst throughput and byte loss in the system.

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Volume 5 : Issue 1
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