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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

An Efficient Management Scheduling for rapid data traverse in Wireless sensor network

Author(s) : S. DIWAKARAN


A wireless sensor network is a collection of nodes organized into a cooperative network. It comprising of spatially appropriated self-ruling mechanisms utilizing sensors to screen physical or ecological conditions. Now a day’s wireless sensor network is applied in many applications like military, nuclear power plant. In those applications data transmission rate should be in higher manner and the data transmission time should be very lower and all the nodes are in the cluster should be very secure also. For that single source shortest path algorithm – Dijkstra’s algorithm is used , from this algorithm the intermediate node between the sender and the sink node will be reduced and the data path will be reduced and the data transmission time will be reduced .If the node and the cluster is not secure the sensed data will be read by some of the intruder. For secure our cluster three tier security scheme is used. In this security scheme the node, cluster head, sink node are having their own key that is known only by the own cluster nodes. If any node wants to be sending any data to any one of the node, the sender key is verified by the receiver. From this way the unauthorized node will be eliminated from the cluster. That three tier security scheme is achieved by the MD5 hashing algorithm..

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