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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

AODV vs. DSR: Simulation Based Comparison of Ad-hoc Network Reactive Protocols under Black Hole Attack



Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices that can communicate with each other without the use of any fixed network infrastructure or centralized administration. Due to its fundamental characteristics such as open medium, dynamic topology and lack of central monitoring, MANET is vulnerable to security attacks. Black hole attack is one of the MANET attacks. In black hole attack, a malicious node attracts all packets to itself by falsely claiming a fresh route to destination and absorbs the packets without forwarding. Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) are popular MANET reactive routing protocols. This paper evaluates the performance of AODV and DSR under black hole attack. In our work, we simulated black hole attack in Network Simulator 2 (NS-2) and measured throughput, packet delivery ratio and end-to-end delay in a network with and without a black hole.

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