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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

A Performance of MAC Layer Over Error-prone Channel in The IEEE 802.11ac

Author(s) : HA CHEOL LEE


A MAC (Medium Access Control) layer throughput is evaluated over error-prone channel in the IEEE 802.11acbased wireless LAN. In this evaluation, DCF (Distributed Coordination Function) protocol and A-MPDU (MAC Protocol Data Unit Aggregation) scheme are used. Using theoretical analysis method, the MAC saturation throughput is evaluated with the PER (Packet Error Rate) on the condition that the number of station, transmission probability, the number of parallel beams and the number of frames in each A-MPDU are variables. When the PER is 10-2 and the number of aggregated MPDUs in each A-MPDU is 20, it is identified that the MAC layer throughput of IEEE 802.11ac can be maximally attained up to a 92.8% of physical transmission rate in this evaluation.

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Page(s) : 25 - 29
Electronic ISSN : 2250 - 3757
Volume 5 : Issue 1
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