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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Development and Applications of Advanced Systems for Real Time Condition Monitoring of Electric Power Apparatus – An Overview



Most of the advanced communication systems based on fibre optics have been developed during last 3 to 4 decades. In addition to telecommunication applications, the optical fibres are also used in the field of transmission of data regarding various electric as well as non-electric parameters in different operating systems ranging from measurement of current, voltage, temperature, pressure and pH values of the fluid used in electrical power apparatus to measurement of strain in civil engineering structures. Insulation condition monitoring of high voltage electric power equipments is of significant importance in maintaining a safe and reliable electricity supply system. New developments in the area of the signal measuring and its conditioning, data processing and analyzing as well as environmental aspects make a more precise and detailed condition evaluation possible. By detecting faults in power apparatus at an early stage, it is possible to locate and repair defects before they cause an unexpected damage to equipment and over all break-down t o the system. In recent years, Fibre Optic Sensors (FOS) have been deployed successfully in electrical equipments for their monitoring. Mainly due to their small size, they are enable to be widely used in structural elements. In fact, advances in production of optical fibre made it possible the recent development of innovative sensing systems for the health monitoring of electrical insulation in electric power apparatus operating at high and extra high voltages. FOSs show high sensitivity and accuracy in temperature, pressure, stress and partial discharge measurement in these equipments. In this paper an overview of development of FOSs and their applications in power equipments such as transformer, switch gear, power cable, over head transmission line, rotating machine and also substations for accurate measurement of temperature, pressure, moisture and other parameters as well as faithful and reliable communication of the measured data has been presented.

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