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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

A Bridge between Poverty Reduction and Human Rights: Perspective Bangladesh

Author(s) : RAFEA KHATUN


As a least developed country our county is also not free from the problem of poverty. Above half of our population are still living their life below poverty line. They are sometimes deprived of their basic necessaries of life for which their physical and mental growth can’t be flourished according to their needs. Besides these people can’t effectively participate in development project and they are also becoming victim of discrimination in distribution of that project’s outcome. So that they lag behind in many other sectors also. Recent shocks to the Bangladeshi economy in the form of natural disasters and rising food prices have partially dampened the rapid progress in reducing poverty. The year 2007 saw two natural disasters, floods and a devastating cyclone within a few months of each other. Another significant shock has been the steep rise in food prices, including the main staple, rice, which has revealed the risk posed by global price volatility for a net food-importing country like Bangladesh. Estimates in this report suggest that the impact of the food price shock has likely negated some of the reduction in poverty brought about by economic growth between 2005 and 2008 .Besides that for being a poor country, the incidents of violation of human rights are common features here and no one is too much concerned about that. This flagrant violation of human rights also undermines the standard of life of our people. So it is now a crying need of the time to rethink about poverty reduction in a different but sustainable ways. This work would be considered as a little contribution in case of establishing a strong link between human rights violation and poverty and at the same time it will try to emphasizing on Right Based Approach (RBA) to development.

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