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The Social Consequen Ces Of Inter-Ethnic Marriages Of Vietnamese Rural Women



The marriage of Vietnamese women with foreigners ever existed in history of Vietnamese nation. This has become a phenomenon through the communication and interaction between Vietnamese and foreigners while working and studying with each other. Vietnamese family history has been marked by the Vietnamese- French marriages during the French colonization in the late XIX century and the first half of XX century. Then in the 70s decades of the XX century, there also had marriage between Vietnam-U.S. and Vietnam- Korea as a consequence of the U.S war in Vietnam. During the country development in 80s-90s, there also had Vietnamese-Russian marriages from the working and studying in the area of Hoa Binh, Yaly hydropower construction,etc. Nowadays, the number of inter-ethnic marriages is estimated at 280,000 marriages between Vietnamese and foreigners. And we can’t deny the importance of marriages with foreign as a bridge of cultural exchange and mutual understanding, which is an important public diplomacy that any country in any era should also develop, especially in the context of current global integration. However, inter-ethnic mariages of Vietnamese rural girls with Korean and Taiwan men lead to social consequences for communities, such as difficulty in adaptation in family life, prejudice and discrimination of society and vulnarity of Vietnamese brides, etc. Following research papers describe more details that social consequences.

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