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Managing Competitive Advantage In The Cluttered Content Environment

Author(s) : ANU VIJ   


Both established and newer business firms are continuously endeavoring to beckon customers in order to gain a foothold in the extremely cluttered marketplace. Conventional marketing forms consistently fail due to their inability to connect with their target market! “Marketing and advertising today often miss the mark because they lack relevance and credibility!”(Williams2001). Usage of digital media has helped enormously in this context yet the convenience with which most businesses are adopting it presents a formidable challenge to stand out among the ensuing competition as well as leading to dilemmas related to choice of the appropriate media as well as innovative messages for promotion! This is where the concept of marketing content emerges and trumps over its traditional format! “Businesses succeed due to their ability to create a ‘buzz’ around the product with aggressive and strategic marketing” (King 2005). Easier said than done, as the marketers who use content as part of their marketing mix strategy must ensure that their content is meaningful for their audience and is able to engage them for a longer term that the competition. The present study addresses the issue of gaining and managing an edge over the competition through content marketing. The content strategy of select premium firms from different sectors operating in the UAE is analyzed for this paper. Use of chi square statistical technique is enlisted to bring forth the impact of relevant methods of content marketing used by the firms. A model is thus suggested to firms that is not only customer centric but also intends to hit the bull’s eye by minimizing the competitive clutter.

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