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International Journal of Business and Management Study

Transformation Management (TM) An effective approach to sustainable management through participation-driven organizational development (OD)

Author(s) : KARL PRAMMER


Organizational design & development is expected to fulfill multiple purposes such as a fast-paced and resource-effective implementation, broad and deep acceptance, and high sustainability of the solutions developed and implemented at the same time. These are expectations, which cannot be easily accommodated, in particular where development is supposed to encompass radical restructuring. The concept of TM deliberated in this paper intends to offer both a theoretical and tried & tested organizational development approach. Following a brief outline of the scientific background, on the basis of which the TM approach was born (section I), along with a few motivations for the development of the approach (section II) the paper is geared to shine a light on the key cornerstones of the approach in terms of project management, instruments of intervention, as well as the behavior of the people who practice this approach (section III).

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Page(s) : 27 - 33
Electronic ISSN : 2372-3955
Volume 1 : Issue 4
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