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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Impact Testing of Concrete The Measurement Device



Testing of ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete under impact loading is described in this paper. In addition a design process of a novel impact measurement device is presented in this work. There are several ways how to test impact resistance of concrete and various groups throughout the world developed different testing devices. Most of such devices are based on a principle of a falling weight on the concrete specimen. This work however presents an impact machine that is based on a pendulum principle. Such test configuration has several advantages, such as elimination of double hits, easy access to the sample and high degree of device modulability. In addition, the placement of sensors and high speed camera is relatively easy. In this experimental work concrete beams were tested in the testing device, but the test setup can be rearranged to test slabs or joins. The calibration process of the machine is shown in this paper as well as the results from impact resistance measurement of high performance fiber reinforced concrete

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Volume 1 : Issue 4
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