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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Experimental study on strength and durability properties of fiber reinforced concrete



In this paper, the strength of concrete cubes and cylinders cast using M40 grade concrete and reinforced with recron3s, polypropylene fibers and mineral admixtures have been presented. Also, hybrid fibers with recron3s and polypropylene have been used in concrete matrix to study its impact on strength and durability properties. The recron3s, polypropylene and hybrid [polypropylene and recron3s] fibers of various proportions i.e., 1% of recron3s fiber, 1% of polypropylene fiber (Boasee fiber) and 1% of hybrid fibers each of 0.5% by volume of cement with admixtures of 1% by weight of cement have been used in concrete mixes. The result obtained has been analyzed and compared with the control specimen (0% fiber). It clearly shows the compressive strength values for M40 grade without and with fibers

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Volume 1 : Issue 4
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