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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Improvement of BIM-based building approval system

Author(s) : KIM KARAM    , YU JUNGHO   


Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based design technology for various building design processes has been global and widely adopted in building construction projects. Many projects, however, are still conducted thru traditional 2Dbased work methodologies, and there are some concerns when making submissions for building approvals derived from BIMbased design information. For example, when an applicant manually inputs information into a specific application form, subjectivity can become an issue. Human mistakes can be made during the input data process when there is some miscommunication between participants related a project. To address this problem, this paper proposed an improved BIMbased building approval system with a BIM-based information collection approach. To that end, we surveyed several countries where the building permit process use a web-based system. Then based on the information input method we classified the required information into two types: BIM-external and BIM-internal. The proposed approach provides an approach that improve the efficiency and the accuracy of the building permit process, since a BIM-based building model can be applied directly.

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Page(s) : 10 - 14
Electronic ISSN : 2372-3971
Volume 1 : Issue 4
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