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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

An Investigation of Social Engineering Techniques towards Graphical Password Authentication



Recently, social engineering has been considered as one of the main processes to break through the information security. Social engineering technique is the way to get unauthorized information and penetrating accounts through the use of non-technical methods rely on the skills of the hacker in the ability to deceive others and persuade them to get as much information. Nowadays, social engineering techniques are considered the most ways that are used to attack and steal the information all over the world, for that it is becoming necessary to study this kind of attacks and find methods that protect the information from the attacks such as graphical password. The main aim of this paper is to thoroughly explain social engineering methods. In addition, the paper will also present a study conducted to compare the graphical password types (click-based and choice-based graphical password) towards passwords guessing, a branch of social engineering methods. To achieve this goal a survey was conducted by distributing a questionnaire to 50 participants. The data were analyzed via SPSS. Results show that choicebased graphical passwords can resist the attacks more than a click-based graphical passwords

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