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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Distance Based Route Maintenance Strategy for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol



Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) [1, 2], which is an on-demand routing protocol, becomes the most popular source routing protocol for MANET. Each mobile node is required to maintain route caches that contain the source routes of which the mobile is aware. Although DSR can respond a route quickly, it yields a long delay when a route is rebuilt. This is because when source node receives RERR packet, it will try to find alternative routes from route cache. If alternative routes are not available, source node, then, will enter route discovery phase to find new routes. Finding a route in wireless network require considerable resources, such as time, bandwidth, and power because it relies on broadcasting. In this paper we introduce a route maintenance strategy as DISTANCE (DIstance baSed rouTe maintenANCE). DISTANCE works by adding another node (called bridge node) into the source list to prevent the link from failure. From the simulation result, DISTANCE improves the performance of DSR in terms of packet sending ratio and delay.

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