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An Experimental and Theoretical of Shear Connector Strength with Void Filler Material on Layers Full-Bamboo beam



The development of the use of bamboo showed increasing as non-wood material. The bamboo of Gigantchloa atroviolacea of the most popular has been used as a construction material in Yogyakarta region of Indonesia. Bamboo has a low elasticity modulus and has a cross-section in the hollow. One of the efforts can be conducted to improve the strength and rigidity of bamboo by making of layers fullbamboo beam. One of the factors that affect the strength and stiffness of beam is kind and distance of shear connector with or without of void filler material. The shear connector can be determined with theoretically and ekaperimental. Application of theory of the European Yield Model could be developed into theory of connection lateral strength of bamboo with void filler material. Factors that affect the strength of shear connector is bamboo thickness, kind of shear connector and void filler material. Besides to improve strength connection, the void filler material can be expected to increase the strength and stiffness of layers full-bamboo beam. The four equation of connection strength base on European Yield model can calculated of according to the yield modes of accurred, The connection strength is specified from the value of the smallest of the four of the equation of connection yield modes.

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