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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Performance Evaluation of Multipath Ring Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network



In the past many years different types of routing protocols, single-path and Multipath, have been designed for wireless sensor network. We have also found various multipath routing protocols available that send similar data to base station via multiple paths to increase reliability. We have found that a new simulation environment Castalia is developed based on OMNET++. They have provided implementation of Multipath rings routing protocol. We found that it is based on technique called Synopsis Diffusion. We observed that although implementation of protocol is there, detail understanding of the technique is not available in a literature. Hence, in this paper we have discussed Multipath rings routing protocol for wireless sensor network implemented by Castalia Simulator. Here, we have also, evaluated performance (and hence verified its working) of Multipath rings routing protocol through simulation. We have taken a view that, Multipath rings routing protocol can route the packet from source to Sink via multiple path so network becomes more robust and fault tolerant than the Single path routing. Simulation results also show that Multipath rings routing protocol is more robust than Bypass routing technique.

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