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Evaluation of Adaptability between QUAD and RZLSR Routing Scheme in MASNet



In recent times, Routing in Mobile ad hoc and sensor networks has provided a challenging and interesting research area due to its impact on numerous science and engineering applications. The principle challenges in MASNETs are frequent changes in network topology, its reliance on battery power and inadequacy of base stations. This research provides a secure multipath algorithm which promotes the nodes in MASNet to execute on-demand discovery by forming set of paths. An Adaptive Secure Multipath Routing (ASMR) is formed with an adaptive behaviour on route discovery and route maintenance phase. In the first phase of route discovery process, in order to obtain efficiency, security and reliability in multi-path routing for MASNETs, propose a routing mechanism, which allows nodes in MASNet to perform an on-demand discovery and generation of a set of paths, based on Dynamic MPR (DMPR) protocol. In route maintenance phase, two algorithms namely QUAD and RZLSR were proposed in a new way using QUAD and RZLSR schemes. In which broadcasting takes place to limited nodes to ensure the time taken to establish a path between source and destination nodes is reduced efficiently. This research investigates the proposed two algorithms with SeMuRAMAS algorithm. Hence, the design of routing protocol should consider the adaptability, security, reachability and its energy efficiency. A set of security mechanisms, based on the utilization of Watchdog and digital signature, are used to protect the route discovery process. The simulation results show that the proposed approach provides notable performance with lesser overhead, energy efficient and better network lifetime

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Volume 4 : Issue 4
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