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Model of Energy Savings achievable with Location-aware Node-to-Node Transmission in UbiComp Using Location Refresh Intervals.



A key area in MAUC is location tracking of nodes. Achievements in this area are commendable [1-16]. Researchers have also undertaken applying location-awareness to devise new functionalities and applications and also to improve ways of doing existing activities. Software engineering approaches into forming metrics and models in the field of MAUC are also gaining in value. Location-awareness remains a matter of resource consumption and support equipment available. It ends up having trade-offs between cost, amount of bandwidth consumed, performance, span of smallest unit of location and other factors. One overall effect is that location-tracking is done at varying refresh-intervals. This paper is a follow-up of a previous paper titled “Model of Energy Savings achievable with Location-aware Node-to-Node transmission in UbiComp”[18], in which one future work identified was to study effects of different location refresh intervals on percentage of energy savings achievable and models that can be formulated. The objective of this paper is to present the results of 24 different sets of experiments in the form of graphical displays and conclusions that can be drawn from them.

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