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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Multi-Scheduling Technique for Real-time Systems on Embedded Multi-core Processors



Recent studies have shown that today's embedded systems require not only real-time ability but also general functionality for running non-real-time applications. In order to provide these two functionalities together on the same system, several techniques and frameworks have been proposed. Integrating different type operating systems on a multi-core processor is one of the most favourable approaches for system designers. However, this heterogeneous approach has some drawbacks. This paper introduces Multi-scheduling method for multi-core hardware platforms without running heterogeneous operating systems concurrently. In this technique, there are two schedulers in single operating system. One is for real-time applications and the other is for general or non-real-time applications. In Multi-scheduling approach, real-time and non-real-time applications run in the same operating system environment so the implementation and maintenance of the system become easier than heterogeneous approaches. We have implemented Multi-scheduling technique on Linux and benchmarked the interrupt latencies and stability of real-time applications. The results have shown that Multi-scheduling technique can be profitable to provide the real-time functionality for general purpose operating system.

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