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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

How Do Mobile Applications Affect Quality of Life?

Author(s) : SHIH-CHIA CHEN   , SHU-CHUN HO   


The proliferation of mobile applications (mobile apps) provides a great variety of choice for consumers. The variety of choice ignites fierce competition for mobile apps developers. This paper aims to explore how mobile apps affect the quality of life among users. To understand users’ deep thinking and experience of using mobile apps, we applied Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) to interview heavy users who have purchased mobile apps. We further built the mental map and consensus maps to explain the relationship between quality of life and mobile apps. There are three major findings. First, compare to personal computer, mobile apps provide more functions, more convenience and simpler operations to meet users’ demand in our daily life. These mobile apps satisfy our daily demand such as communication, information query, GPS investigation, shopping, and entertainment. Second, users can choose mobile apps based on their interests and preferences. Using different styles of mobile apps demonstrates personal features and tastes. The role-playing games, in particular, enable users to show the different side of users in the real life. Third, unique and novel apps are more life to attract consumers. Whether mobile apps regularly upgrade and debug are important to sustain positive

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