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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Energy Efficient Algorithm: PEDAP for WSN



Wireless sensor network (WSNs) are networks of distributed autonomous device that can sense or monitor physical or environmental condition cooperatively. The WNS application can be classified in different categories: monitoring, alerting, healthcare assistance, and actuating, among others. In this environment where in a round of communication each of the sensor nodes has data to send to a base station, it is important to minimize the total energy consumed by the system in a round so that the system lifetime is maximized. With the use of data fusion and aggregation techniques, while minimizing the total energy per round, if power consumption per node can be balanced as well, a near optimal data gathering and routing scheme can be achieved in terms of network lifetime. So far, besides the conventional protocol of direct transmission, two elegant protocols called LEACH and PEGASIS have been proposed to maximize the lifetime of a sensor network. In this paper, we propose two new algorithms under name PEDAP (Power Efficient Data gathering and Aggregation Protocol), which are near optimal minimum spanning tree based routing schemes, where one of them is the power-aware version of the other. PEDAP achieves between 4x to 20x improvement in network lifetime compared with LEACH, and about three times improvement compared with PEGASIS.

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