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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Reliable Protection Scheme against Cooperative Black Hole Attack in MANET



Mobile Ad-hoc networks are a collection of mobile hosts that communicate with each other without any infrastructure. Due to security vulnerabilities of the routing protocols, wireless ad hoc networks may be unprotected against attacks by the malicious nodes. One of these attacks is the Black Hole Attack against network integrity absorbing all data packets in the network. Since the data packets do not reach the destination node on account of this attack, data loss will occur. The damage will be serious if malicious nodes work together as a group. This type of attack is called multiple or cooperative black hole attack. In this paper are doing simulation study of network under multiple black hole nodes and identifying the results after applying defense scheme in multiple Black Hole nodes. We simulated black hole attacks in network simulator 2 (ns-2) and measured the packet loss in the network with and without a black hole. We also proposed a simple solution against black hole nodes attack. Our IDS scheme improved the 90% network performance in the presence of cooperative black hole attack.

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